What we offer

what we offer

What we offer

Our enthusiastic and professional staff enhance every stage of your customer lifecycle, delivering higher rates of customer enrolment, conversion, upsells and cross sells.

1. Reach and  acquisition

Market research support: we build online surveys and collect the data you need to understand your market. Lead generation: expand your pipeline through traditional database farming, as well as lead generation through social media, using CRM and latest technologies. Direct marketing and sales:  our agents are trained to conduct personalized one-on-one marketing and sales calls to convert your leads into loyal customers.  Campaigns support: We provide human resources to support your campaigns at any stage.

2. Retention and loyalty

Customer service and technical support: acting  on your behalf, our teams create  positive customer experiences that build loyalty. Social customer care:  we use social media evaluation and monitoring tools to regularly track and measure the effectiveness of social media portals; and we automatically route customers to the most relevant agents based on the nature of social media conversations. Customer experience measurement: we use qualitative surveys, focus groups and a wide range of metrics including Net Promoter Score (NPS) to bring you vital informing marketing insights that will improve customer satisfaction, sales and profitability.

3. Raising revenue per customer

Cross selling and upselling: through highly trained sales agents, we help you maximize sales per customer.

4. Wining back lapsed customers

We help you understand reasons behind customer churn and win back your lapsed customers.

Why Transcend is the right place for your business

Why Transcend

1. Our location

Our base in Bethlehem offers a unique environment. Bethlehem is a haven of peace in a world of turmoil, with a reputation for providing hospitality to international visitors for over 2,000 years. The region is outward looking and multicultural, familiar with the customs and culture of both West and East.

In particular, Bethlehem is a leading center of higher education, with thousands of new graduates in business, IT, medical and other services looking for jobs each year. Language skills are strong through Palestine but especially in the Bethlehem region. Fluency in Arabic, English and Hebrew is common, as well as a good number of German and French speakers thanks to excellent foreign schools..

2. Our company

Effective and professional services proven by our growing number of delighted repeat clients. Seasoned International management from Palestine, UK and the USA, providing a strong understanding of international market requirements. Large enough to compete internationally but small enough to tailor our support to your particular requirements. Our technology, high productivity and low costs enables us to increase client profitability.

3. Our staff

Working closely with several universities, we tap into a unique pool of labour.

Graduates with strong business and technical skills. Bilingual English / Arabic and fluency in other languages. Professional and effective sales skills. Keen to learn and highly teachable.