Detailed Capabilities

The following features and systems have been built into our new contact centre which opened in early 2012.

Software architecture

Our call centre applications are based on Open Architecture systems. These applications run on all popular relational database management systems. A fully integrated solution for voice/data, enabled for e-mail/chat/VOIP/multimedia/fax/etc., caters to 360 degree life cycle management of your customer.

These applications can easily be integrated with other applications on all major platforms. They use the same data model, consist of Windows data entry and data display screens and utilise standard Windows navigation tools.

These applications can be integrated with best-of-breed systems for comprehensive Customer Interaction Solutions (CIS).

Customer interactions are done through inbound, outbound and blended calling scenarios. We can easily integrate with back office applications, such as product configuration, telesales , tele-services, order management, invoicing, receivables accounting and follow-ups, customer request fulfillment, credit checking, general accounting, insurance claims processing, incoming applications processing, workflow management, unified messaging, etc.

Confidentiality of business and data security

We provide a very secure environment for our clients’ data and business.  We can use a variety of protocols to such as secure VPN’s to for added security.   Additionally, access to lead generation centre data is to be strictly controlled by a formal system of authorisations.   Critical areas such as the server room are made doubly secure and equipped with monitoring and logging systems to track usage.

The data traffic outside the office is to be secured through the use of an international private leased line circuit and the installation of a firewall to secure the network against unauthorised access from outside. Additional measures also include the use of anti-virus / firewall systems.

Our data centres are fully complaint to financial and health industry standards.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery procedures are strictly followed for all our customers. In addition to daily backups, we make provisions for taking transactional backups on pre-defined periodic basis.

Uptime and fire safety

To ensure availability of our services at all times we have taken a number of measures. This has been done broadly at three levels. Firstly, vendor selection has been done on the basis of the reliability of the product. Details of equipment can be made available on request.

Next, fault tolerance is built into critical equipment such as servers, routers, multiplexers etc. so that uptime is assured even in the event of equipment failure.  The redundant hardware is “hot swappable” ensuring that there is no loss of equipment availability.

Lastly a stock of critical spares is maintained on site so that breakdowns can be serviced quickly.

We have also taken special measures to ensure availability of clean electrical power at all times. The incoming power from the electricity board is fed through servo stabilisers.  In the event of a power outage, a 40 KVA UPS with 100% parallel redundancy and 30 minutes of battery backed power caters to the critical load.  For longer outages a diesel generator set with auto start facilities is installed.

E-mail and Web integration

Integration of a customer’s Internet home page and e-mail system to the contact centre is easy. The Internet- and Internet-based service consists of an application-generation environment and a run-time engine. Lead generation centre managers can develop Internet applets that can be added to Internet home pages to support lead generation, electronic commerce, and sales and marketing efforts. Open Web creates HTML hot links on the customer’s Web site. These hot links may include items such as call me, call me at a certain time, send me information, or put me on a mailing list.

For example, when a prospect enters their telephone number and clicks on the call-me button, Open Web sends a message to the company’s call centre. There, an agent can immediately capitalise on the prospect’s interest to make a purchase or respond to a customer service inquiry.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR integrates interactive voice response unit information, such as a customer’s account number entered via telephone keypad, with the lead generation centre management system.

IVR is a server-based facility that can send information to and receive information from the IVR unit so that customer and prospect transactions can be tracked and integrated with computer-based information. This makes the IVR interaction more intelligent and customised to the needs of the individual caller. All IVR interactions can be stored in the telesales / tele-services applications data model for future reference and analysis. In addition, IVR activity can be displayed on the agent’s screen if the call is transferred to an agent.

Telesales and Telemarketing

Telesales and telemarketing application allow lead generation centre agents to:

Search for and retrieve customer profiles, account information, and product information Track callback and calendaring activities Prepare quotations and submit orders Request literature fulfillment Check or update call status Access frequently asked questions and objections Call up product and service features and benefits

This application presents all information to the lead generation centre agent instantly on the desktop screen.

Customer request fulfilment

We can automate the function of sending follow-up literature. Requests for literature can come from interaction with agents, hot buttons on the company’s Web site, or an interactive voice response application.

Call Blending

Call blending handles inbound and outbound calling simultaneously. When inbound calling volumes reach a pre-set threshold, call blending automatically switches the functionality of outbound agent workstations to support inbound calls.

Quality control and compliance management

We use a measurement and monitoring data warehouse that provides real-time graphical and statistical reporting. With this, managers and supervisors can view lead generation centre activity, such as sales per hour or calls per agent, campaign and sales statistics. A set of standard reports and graphs are readily available. In addition a graph and reporting wizard is available to assist us in developing customer specific statistics.

A dedicated team of quality experts will manage quality for your project. Part of their activities will include agent monitoring, quality review, reports on CTQ’s, audits etc.

Human Resources

Call centre representatives are able to handle a variety of interactions with customers in the process of walking the customer through the entire sales cycle. These include handling incoming customer calls, outgoing calls to customers and prospects, interaction over the Web, mailing fulfilment items to prospects and customers on product information etc.

The lead generation centre organisation structure is a 4 tiered one comprising a Client Centre Manager, Client Managers, Team Leaders, and Team Members.   A performance measurement and review system has been put in place to continuously improve performance levels.

The recruitment process involves extensive screening of candidates based on skill set requirements outlined below:

Team Member:

Graduation degree Communication skills Light typing skills Basic computer skills Ability to work flexible hours

Team Leaders and Client Manager:

Graduation degree Customer service experience Excellent written and verbal skills Analytical, organisational and problem-solving skills Ability to handle sensitive situations professionally Demonstrated PC skills Knowledge of industry serviced

We have developed an in house training program for all our employees. All employees are trained directly and in small groups. The training program focuses on the following areas:

On Job Training

Customer service skills Systems / technical Telephone techniques Orientation Selling skills Product knowledge Leadership